Pressure Transmitter Market Analysis

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ByVidya Prasad

For more than three decades, ARC has been recognized globally for our detailed market analysis and unrivaled accuracy. ARC analysts monitor the key technologies, vertical industries, and regional trends impacting the global business environment on an ongoing basis. A case in point is the market for the  Pressure Transmitter.

What Is A Pressure Transmitter

A pressure transmitter is a mechanical device that measures the expansive force of a liquid or gaseous sample. The transmitter converts physical pressure into an electrical signal. Also known as a pressure transducer, this type of sensor is typically composed of a pressure sensitive surface area made of steel, silicon, or other materials depending upon the analyte’s composition. Behind these surfaces are electronic components capable of converting the applied force of the sample upon the pressure sensor into an electrical signal.

Pressure is generally measured as a quantity of force per unit of surface area and is expressed as the value required to stop a liquid, gas, or vapor from expanding. Various derived units are used to quantify pressure.

Pressure sensitive environments, such as the gas, petrochemical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical industries, often require pressure transmitters to monitor the applied force of liquids and gases as a value of either Pa or psi. This necessitates the precise integration of pressure transmitters into rapid electrical conversion equipment, to ensure results are accurate and delivered in real-time.

ARC’s report on the Global Pressure Transmitter market includes segmentation, such as technology type, region, industry, application transmission methods, safety duty level, sales channel, customer type, and communication protocol. And the major segment, which is the primary subdivision of pressure transmitter market, is the technology type, and it includes differential pressure transmitter, absolute pressure transmitter gauge pressure transmitter, and the multi-variable pressure transmitters.

The Pressure Transmitters market research delivers current market analysis plus a five-year market and technology forecast. The research is available in multiple editions including worldwide, all regions, and most major countries. The research covers Smart Pressure Transmitters, Wireless Transmitters, Multivariable Measurement, Absolute Pressure, Differential Pressure, Gauge Pressure, Strategic Analysis, Market Size, Industry Trends, and Historical Analysis.

In this video, ARC’s Marketing Specialist, Leena Kanickaraj, interviews Vidya Prasad, the Analyst and Author responsible for the Pressure Transmitter Market Update 2023.

Watch this video and learn more about the Pressure Transmitter Market.

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During the interview, you will hear more about:

  • Scope of this market analysis

  • Key Growth or Success Factors 

  • Growth Inhibiting Factors

  • Strategies recommended to a buyer of this system 

  • Other key trends 

  • Benefit of buying this study report


There is a Pressure Transmitter Selection Guide that is designed to help industrial manufacturers select the best Pressure Transmitter and supplier for their organization’s unique business requirements. 


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