PTC’s Latest ServiceMax Release Delivers Expanded Service Capabilities

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ByCraig Resnick
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PTC officially launched the latest version of ServiceMax Core with version 23R3. This release will help to support service lifecycle management that can better enable manufacturing organizations to further maximize asset uptime Expanded Service Capabilitiesand customer value, increase service efficiency and margins, and enhance service-driven and asset-focused revenues. 

With the asset-centric and service optimizations capabilities available in ServiceMax, integrated with capabilities across the PTC portfolio, customer can help to establish a foundation for their service businesses as well as further accelerate their offerings to become more resource optimized, remote-first, and data-driven.

A cohesive portfolio for service lifecycle management

ServiceMax has been an established solution in the area of field service management, and with its continued investment in installed base management, complex entitlement management and other work execution engines, the ServiceMax Core field service product continues to provide capabilities for those organizations working with more complex and mission critical assets.

As part of the service lifecycle management portfolio at PTC, this release represents an increase in both capabilities and impact. It unites functionality from across the PTC product family that is targeted to and relevant for service use cases. It also provides customers with an integrated customer experience to be able to execute on their end-to-end service transformation needs.

Connected service strategies

The first in a long roadmap of integrations, ServiceMax is bringing Connected Service Plans and Remote-First Service capabilities in a joint effort with ThingWorx to help customers further drive service execution and deliver a better customer experience, Core 23R3 includes key capabilities that connect service execution to IoT.

  • Connected Service Plans: Leverage live equipment data to inform proactive maintenance strategies

  • Remote-First Service: Remote investigation capabilities that allow remote service engineers to more efficiently investigate a service issue while capturing and reviewing pertinent asset data such as service history, asset attributes, and IoT data.

With this release, customers can further enhance and improve their remote service operations. With ThingWorx and ServiceMax combined, customers can leverage IoT data in both remote service and proactive maintenance strategies.

ServiceMax & Servigistics duo for service optimization

Service parts management and parts optimization are primary focus areas for service organizations as the right part at the right location is critical to support asset and customer uptime. Parts are also a major cost and revenue driver for service organizations including those in the PTC customer base. With Core 23R3, these organizations can take steps to manage their service parts inventory with ServiceMax field service management and Servigistics parts planning.

Field Stock Optimization, this capability, enabled in ServiceMax Core23R3, helps organizations to tap into the forecasting and parts planning capabilities of Servigistics to further optimize and recommend target stock levels visible in ServiceMax for technician vans and other forward stocking locations. This can help to reduce and eliminate excess inventory in the field while repositioning that inventory to areas that need it most. Overall, it can help to create improved service execution, higher asset uptime, and lower inventory-related costs.

ServiceMax AI (closed private beta)

Field service organizations are seeing the benefits of AI: helping to improve the customer experience, increase productivity by automating manual tasks, and add a layer of intelligence to knowledge management and data insights.

A select number of customers now have the ability to harness AI in field service with ServiceMax CoPilot (closed private beta). ServiceMax CoPilot is an AI-powered, natural language assistant with specific capabilities, such as scheduling service events or researching asset service history.

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