QAD Enhances QAD Adaptive ERP and Related Solutions to Help Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

QAD Inc. announced the latest enhancements to QAD Adaptive ERP and other solutions in the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio.  QAD Adaptive ERP and the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio of solutions help Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises to become more:

  • Agile: An agile manufacturer is performance-oriented and has process mobility and system flexibility. It responds rapidly to internal and external business changes.
  • Intelligent: An intelligent manufacturer is connected, data-driven and optimized. It uses data to get real-time insights into operations, customers and the market environment.
  • Innovative: An innovative manufacturer is aware, dynamic and customer experience-focused. It effectively addresses business turbulence with new processes, services and products.

The latest release of QAD solutions includes new functionality and capabilities designed to help Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises leverage disruption and change by addressing five critical capabilities:

  • Effective Enterprise Management lets manufacturers operate from a trusted set of essential enterprise processes including integrated multi-currency, multi-GAAP and multi-entity financials, best practice purchasing, shared services, real-time data and flexible data analytics.
  • Digital Manufacturing allows manufacturers to leverage digital and advanced technologies to better communicate, analyze and use real-time information to meet cost and quality objectives.
  • Complete Customer Management delivers an outstanding customer experience that builds a company's brand and helps acquire, sell to and retain customers with less effort and expense.
  • Integrated Supplier Management improves supplier collaboration and supply chain visibility allowing for faster response to changes in supply and demand.
  • Connected Supply Chain helps manufacturers effectively collaborate with supply chain partners and address the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains.

In addition to the latest updates to QAD Adaptive ERP, which features the QAD Enterprise Platform and Adaptive UX, QAD has also enhanced related solutions in its Adaptive Applications portfolio, including QAD Dynasys DSCP (Digital Supply Chain Planning), QAD EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System), and QAD Precision GTTE (Global Trade & Transportation Execution).


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