Red Lion Releases New Signal Conditioner Devices

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Red Lion Controls announced the release of their new Signal Conditioner product lineup.  Red Lion’s range of signal conditioners are designed to boost signal strength while enabling longer cable runs through industrial environments.  When used as a converter, these devices can translate and incorporate signals into existing PLC architectures, helping to eliminate the cost of purchasing dedicated PLC input cards solely to accommodate a unique signal input from a newly-added sensor.  Each of Red Lion’s signal converters are offered in a 6 mm footprint, and can accept or convert current, voltage, thermocouples, RTDs, resistance and pulsed input signals.

Red Lion’s new signal conditioners are designed for strong signal integrity, and for industrial applications either requiring data from existing deployed equipment to be incorporated into IIoT strategies through the addition of sensors, or measurement processes involving sensor data that require signals to be more accurately transmitted over distance and protected from interference caused by external sources of noise, such as VFDs and switching spikes.  Rather than adding specialized I/O cards to an existing PLC system, Red Lion’s signal conditioning and conversion solutions allow users to add sensor data to current processes in existing formats, helping to further simplify implementation and lower costs.

These new signal conditioner products offer amplification, isolation, and conversion capabilities, helping to ensure signal integrity in harsher environments and across longer distances, with the option to change the signal to the desired input needed dependent upon the application.  The 6mm housing helps to enable added capabilities without sacrificing panel space.

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