Rockwell Automation Announced Customizable Graphic Terminals that Offer Visualization on Plant Floors

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
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Rockwell Automation announced the release of a new line of graphic terminals, Allen‑Bradley OptixPanel, Visualization on Plant Floorsthat can help machine builders better differentiate their machines and meet a wide range of application needs. The Allen‑Bradley OptixPanel is also compatible with FactoryTalk Optix software, providing visualization solutions with more seamless connectivity.

The new OptixPanel graphic terminals offer several design options. These options give machine builders additional freedom to customize based on factors, such as cost, performance, and look and feel. Key design options include:

  • Compact models are available in smaller physical sizes that help to make certain applications easier.
  • Standard models have a larger screen size and the ability to operate independently on two networks.
  • Stainless-steel models that include the IP69K rated option to help meet the needs of users that have washdown requirements.

OptixPanel graphic terminals are available in screen sizes from 4 inches to 21.5 inches, in 4:3 or widescreen proportions. Bezel options include stainless-steel, basic aluminum, aluminum True Flat, and aluminum and glass P-CAP. Additionally, the capacitive multitouch screen technology supports gestures, such as swipe and pinch, for a more intuitive user experience.

Using FactoryTalk Optix software with OptixPanel graphic terminals help to allow users to have cloud-based access to process data leveraging communication standards, such as OPC UA and MQTT. Built-in drivers support connections to multiple types of controllers. SaaS-enabled workflows can help teams to better collaborate anytime from anywhere with change tracking and versioning that automatically keeps track of who changed what and when.

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