Rockwell Automation to Increase Scale and Scope of AI in Manufacturing with NVIDIA

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick
Acquisition or Partnership

Rockwell Automation announced that it is collaborating with NVIDIA to help accelerate a next-generation industrial architecture.

AI in Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation plans to help the manufacturing industry to evolve by collaborating with NVIDIA on a next-generation industrial architecture designed for the factories and plants of the future, making it easier for automation customers to digitalize industrial processes. Factories and plants of the future will be characterized by enhanced sensing capabilities with machine vision, accelerated computing capability in control systems, advanced simulations equipped with learning agents, widespread adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and generative AI (GenAI) experiences to help enhance information retrieval for frontline operators.

Rockwell Automation will further integrate NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) with Emulate3D by Rockwell Automation, to help bring users added data interoperability, live collaboration, and physically based visualization for designing, building, and operating industrial-scale digital twins of production systems.

Labor force shortages and a need for greater efficiencies are driving demand for additional intelligent automation and robotics in manufacturing, processing and logistics. By developing the NVIDIA robotics platform for edge AI, Rockwell Automation is helping to bring AMRs through its recent acquisition of OTTO Motors and process automation applications to industrial customers.

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