Rockwell Automation Integrates More Variable Frequency Drives with Motor Control Center

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation has incorporated two more of its PowerFlex variable frequency drives (VFDs) into its CENTERLINE 2500 low-voltage motor control centers (MCCs) to help industrial operators in global IEC markets improve their production, Variable Frequency Drivessafety and energy performance.

The PowerFlex 755TL and 755TR drives with TotalFORCE technology can be integrated into CENTERLINE MCCs. The VFDs deliver real-time operating system performance data that can help operators boost their factory output, uptime and energy savings.

The PowerFlex 755TL drives provide built-in harmonic mitigation and power-factor correction through active front-end technology. By reducing the adverse effects of harmonic distortion, the VFDs can help to improve motor efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize power-distribution issues on the factory floor.

The PowerFlex 755TR drives can help to reduce energy consumption by using built-in regeneration to deliver energy back to the incoming power supply, which is typically more energy efficient than using resistive or mechanical braking. Plus, it eliminates the need for braking resistors and cooling equipment, which can help to reduce wiring, labor, installation, and maintenance costs.

By integrating PowerFlex 755TL or 755TR drives with a CENTERLINE 2500 MCC, operators also receive real-time predictive diagnostics and maintenance alerts that can help to reduce unplanned downtime. Plant operations also get certified safety benefits from ArcShield technology, which provides arc-fault containment per IEC TR 61641:2014.

With CENTERLINE MCC manufacturing facilities on three continents, factory-ready low-voltage motor control and power-management system technology is available in IEC markets globally.

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