Rockwell Automation Introduced New Solutions at Its Automation Fair 2022

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Rockwell Automation Launches Products to Aid Smart Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation introduced a multitude of new solutions at its Automation Fair 2022. One of the solutions introduced will help machine builders to simplify designs, reduce costs, and create a next generation Automation Fairof performance machines with its portfolio of On-Machine products.

On-Machine solutions are a decentralized equipment design approach that helps to reduce the challenges of cabinet-based solutions for OEMs and end users by offering a simpler, more modular approach to machine design, which helps to lower total costs, save floor space and minimize time to deploy. This technology can help to speed design installation and maintenance as well as improve productivity and flexibility, which are important capabilities to address in today’s manufacturing environment.

Rockwell Automation offers drives and distributed I/O that are scalable solutions designed to help meet rigorous application needs:

Armor Kinetix near-motor & integrated drive-motor servo solutions

The new ArmorKinetix distributed servo drives are designed to equip manufacturers with decentralized motion control solutions that help to further simplify designs and build smarter machines. These new servo drives provide the performance of the Kinetix 5700 platform in a compact, On-Machine form factor to help create systems that are more efficient, flexible and cost-effective with options for a near-motor drive or an integrated drive-motor solution. ArmorKinetix will be available for customers early 2023.

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O - Distributed I/O blocks with IO-Link technology

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O offers easier distributed monitoring and control through its IO-Link capabilities, helping to enable increased operational visibility and agility. These industrially-hardened blocks are optimized for On-Machine use to help meet IP66, 67 and 69K application requirements in demanding, harsh environments.

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O will be available for customers the second quarter of calendar 2023.

Armor PowerFlex—A drive for the most demanding applications

Armor PowerFlex drives are a new generation of On-Machine VFD motor control solutions that provide integrated, near-motor solutions where reducing installation time and costs are critical. Armor PowerFlex drives offer a design that helps to reduce installation costs, installation time and unplanned downtime. They provide integrated gigabit dual-port EtherNet/IP, a variety of motor control options, flexible mounting options and hardware and network safety features.



Flexibility and Reliability Offered with Rockwell Automation’s New PlantPAx DCS Release

Rockwell Automation announced the release of its FLEXHA 5000 I/O family that offers high availability and the continued evolution of the PlantPAx Distributed Control System (DCS). Process customers will see additional flexibility and reliability, enabling integrated control for their Connected Enterprise production system while helping to decrease total cost of ownership and enhance productivity through reduced downtime and time to engineer.

The new FLEXHA 5000 input/output (I/O) module is an I/O platform that helps to reduce hardware complexity and cost by using a more conveniently integrated design. FLEXHA 5000 I/O modules enhance communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP network connectivity, offering higher speed and increased bandwidth. Helping to reduce both downtime and engineering time while limiting costs, this platform is designed to be a smarter, more efficient I/O solution. 

The FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform, in conjunction with PlantPAx, allows for integrated control in a connected enterprise production system in three ways:

  1. Ready for process applications: The FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform helps customers to achieve more efficient engineering time through tighter integration with instruction sets in the PlantPAx system. Customers can gain support for ControlLogix 5580 controller redundancy in high availability applications from Studio 5000 Logix Designer software (version 35 or later) and deliver more consistent operations with increased reliability.
  2. Flexibility in design and maintenance: The FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform helps customers to further optimize their footprint by enabling them to mount up to 24 I/O modules on a single node, vertically or horizontally, and in any module sequence. A reduction in downtime can also be achieved with a more simplified Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) and easier online changes.
  3. Available universal I/O option: FLEXHA 5000 I/O modules contain a universal card option that allows for flexibility in I/O choice. Universal I/O helps to simplify field wiring, reduce spare module requirements, and reduce maintenance time. This I/O choice is configurable per channel during runtime as analog (HART capable) or discrete, input or output. Modules can also be configured in simplex or duplex.

In the future, the FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform will allow for integrated safety I/O and base process control I/O to be mounted in the same rack, which helps to reduce hardware complexity and the cost of the PlantPAx system.

The latest release of the PlantPAx DCS and the FLEXHA 5000 I/O module will be available for order in November 2022.



Rockwell Automation Delivering Intelligent Edge Management and Orchestration Platform

Rockwell Automation announced that it is delivering an intelligent edge management and orchestration platform with an edge application ecosystem based on zero trust security and open industry standards, helping to accelerate digital transformation for industrial customers.

Adding to the current Rockwell Automation edge offerings, FactoryTalk Edge Gateway and ASEM industrial computers, FactoryTalk Edge is a SaaS solution designed for more intelligent, centralized edge management and orchestration. Accessible from remote locations, FactoryTalk Edge is an infrastructure layer designed to help realize higher productivity and efficiency while managing edge devices and app deployment from a single pane of glass. With a security posture built on a zero-trust model, it provides greater flexibility for complex future use cases and caters to many hardware or cloud providers. FactoryTalk Edge Gateway edge app is included and helps to empower customers to contextualize and package industrial data at higher speeds into more flexible information models. FactoryTalk Edge can be deployed on pre-certified ASEM VersaView 6300B edge compute nodes, helping to accelerate deployment speed.

Chantal Polsonetti, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “As industrial organizations apply various technologies to solve edge use cases and scale, one aspect will stand out: the need for a secure, cost-effective edge infrastructure capable of managing an increasing number of distributed devices at scale. As the universe of industrial use cases continues to expand, OEMs, solution providers, and end customers are quickly realizing the need for this type of foundational infrastructure solution to enable edge implementation and management at different plant sites. FactoryTalk Edge gives them one solution to operate and scale their DX initiatives at the edge so their time can be spent on solving the next big problem.”





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