Rockwell Automation Introduces GuardLink 2.0 and Dual DisplayPort Thin Clients

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By Craig Resnick
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Rockwell Automation introduced GuardLink 2.0 with new EtherNet/IP interface and the Allen-Bradley ASEM 6300T Dual DisplayPort thin clients that give customers expanded capabilities 


Rockwell Automation Introduces GuardLink 2.0 with new EtherNet/IP Interface

Rockwell Automation introduced its new GuardLink 2.0 with a new EtherNet/IP interface.  Guardlink 2.0 is a serially connected safety input solution, offering diagnostics via the new Allen-Bradley 432ES GuardLink EtherNet/IP On-Machine Dual DisplayPort Thin ClientsInterface or a combination of its Dual GuardLink Relay and EtherNet/IP Interface. GuardLink 2.0 protocol also enables safety-rated control device status reporting and automatic diagnostic reporting to an HMI using CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP.

The new 432ES GuardLink EtherNet/IP interface allows users to connect up to 96 safety devices via three independent safety channels. The interface can cascade power to additional interfaces and can keep track of timing and frequency of events to help improve maintenance and create additional process efficiencies. The 432ES supports linear, star and Device Level Ring topologies while meeting safety ratings up to SIL 3, Cat 4 PLe.



Rockwell Automation Gives Customers Expanded Capabilities with New Dual DisplayPort Thin Clients

Rockwell Automation introduced its new Allen-Bradley ASEM 6300T Dual DisplayPort thin clients designed to help enable connectivity to multiple screens in industrial environments. These thin clients are designed to help save time, cost and panel space, are available in four models based on memory and mounting requirements, then connected to two ASEM 6300M industrial monitors for operator displays.

The ASEM 6300T Dual DisplayPort thin clients are equipped with an Intel Atom x7-E3950 processor. The available 8GB of RAM provides support for the container functionality of ThinManager software version 12 and later. Mounting options include either book mount or DIN rail mount at the time of order and can be interchanged. These thin clients feature two Ethernet ports, four USB 3.0 (Type A) ports, one serial port and one audio jack output.

As with the Single DisplayPort versions, these Dual DisplayPort thin clients support 4K, and their processing capabilities make them suited for human machine interface (HMI), IIoT gateway, and data logging applications. Atom class units are also available as ThinManager ready thin clients to boot natively into ThinManager software with no solid-state drive (SSD) on board. These units have a fanless design that makes them suited for applications requiring low maintenance, and their multiple mounting methods fit many specific application needs.

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