Scalable IIoT and AI Solution for Mining and Cement Industries Launched by Schneider Electric 

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Schneider Electric has launched an IIoT and AI Solution for mining and cement industries to its EcoStruxure Plant Advisor platform. EcoStruxure Plant Advisor – Process Intelligence uses Artificial intelligence (AI), AI Solution for MiningIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and an open platform philosophy to help improve sustainability and operational effectiveness in mining and cement enterprises, industries that are under increased pressure to adapt process work-flows to help reduce their carbon footprint, while also increasing throughput and optimizing value chain efficiency. 

Schneider Electric has developed an open, scalable, and natively cyber-secure solution to help support data-driven, multi-site operations by providing a range of benefits. From real-time AI-based, application-specific analytics to optimize (sub) processes, to a service bureau expert function able to help determine the root causes of (potential) issues, EcoStruxure Plant Advisor – Process Intelligence is designed to directly addresses key challenges of sustainability and efficiency in mining and cement enterprises.

EcoStruxure Plant Advisor – Process Intelligence helps its users to:

  • Improve asset and process efficiency – Targeting areas with payback times of under one year
  • Empower the workforce – Through the reporting function, incidents can be resolved up to 2-4x faster
  • Implement a more agile value chain – Productivity improvements of up to 5 percent have been seen in pilot projects.

Plant controllers can now simultaneously manage multiple control variables to better optimize the plant’s performance. EcoStruxure Plant Advisor – Process Intelligence can go beyond a standard business intelligence (BI) dashboard by incorporating self-learning to recommend appropriate actions that can help to better optimize a process. As a result, mining and cement plants can help to improve their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and water and energy consumption, while also increasing throughput.

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