Schneider Electric Introduces Its Next Generation BlokSeT and Okken Low Voltage Switchboards

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Schneider Electric announced the launch of its next generation BlokSeT and Okken low voltage switchboards designed to address the need for greater operational safety in high-performance LV power applications.

BlokSeT and Okken’s iPMCC (intelligent Power and Motor Control Center) are designed to provide smart solutions for fault prevention, protection, and automatic restart. Safety and reliability have been improved with the iPMCC’s new temperature and humidity monitoring thermal sensors. This permanent thermal monitoring system utilizes small plastic non-contact and non-powered IR sensors that can extend the maintenance lifecycle and help to mitigate safety risks, such as electrical fires.

Another design improvement is the new ergonomic look and feel, giving the BlokSeT and Okken a more stylistic and user friendly finish. This new design can make it easier and safer to operate and maintain the LV switchboard.

With EcoStruxure IoT-enabled solutions, switchboards data can be collected and analyzed in real-time via wireless connectivity, which can provide operators with more predictive, rather than preventive maintenance analysis.

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