Schneider Electric Launches Managed Security Services for Operational Environments

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
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Schneider Electric launched a Managed Security Services (MSS) offering to help customers in operational technology (OT) environments to address the increased cyber risk associated with the demand for remote access and connectivity Managed Security Servicestechnologies.

Powered by Schneider Electric’s global Cybersecurity Connected Service Hub (CCSH), this new offering provides proven technologies as flexible services to monitor cyber threats and proactively respond on behalf of customers. MSS is designed to help provide companies, especially those in the OT space, with specialized cybersecurity resources or expertise.

Schneider Electric is a global MSS provider with the capabilities to integrate security monitoring and remediation support to help defend digital infrastructures across multiple business types and industries. This MSS solution is designed to monitor known risks and protects networks, systems and data across IT, OT, and cloud environments, each of which has specific protocols and attack vectors. This new service can help customers to reduce the risk of emerging threats and sophisticated attacks that these unique technical and operational environments face.

As a vendor-agnostic solution, MSS can fit into an organization’s existing IT/OT infrastructure, scaling to their budget and maturity. Backed by machine learning capabilities and trend analysis, MSS is designed to help continuously optimize processes and addresses real-time threats. The services includes support through Schneider Electric’s CCSH, with a global engineering and support team available 24/7/365.

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