Schneider Electric Released a Framework that Empowers Data Center Industry to Take Control of Sustainability Goals

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Schneider Electric released a comprehensive novel framework designed to help data centers become more environmentally sustainable. The framework proposes five areas of environmental impact inclusive of key metrics for data center operators in various stages of their sustainability journeys. By leveraging the framework, operators can help to mitigate the impact data centers have on the environment.

This new Schneider Electric framework was developed by its Energy Management Research Center, leveraging expertise from ESG experts, sustainability consultants, data center scientists, and data center solution architects to help take some of the guesswork out of measurement and reporting. The Energy Management Research Center was established in 2002. 

Tracking and reporting on standardized sustainability metrics helps to drive internal team alignment improvements and increase transparency for external stakeholders, including customers and regulators. Implementing this framework also allows data center operators to help:

  • Lessen the difficulty of selecting impactful metrics for tracking
  • Improve communication and alignment with internal teams on sustainability objectives
  • Act on data used to help improve operations
  • Enable more regular and consistent reporting for external stakeholders (investors, regulators, potential employees, etc.)
  • Further standardize benchmarking across industry peers located around the globe

Schneider Electric works with major technology companies and colocation providers to design, build, operate, and maintain facilities. It is a digital partner that offers solutions for the power, building, IT, and sustainability facets of businesses.

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