Schneider Electric Simplifies Energy Management and Unveils New Products to Increase Energy Efficiency

By Craig Resnick

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Schneider Electric Simplifies Energy Management and Analysis for Intelligent Buildings

Schneider Electric announced enhancements to EcoStruxure Energy Hub, a secure, easy-to-use IoT software-as-a-service intelligent buildingssolution that simplifies energy management and analysis for intelligent buildings and facilities.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub solves the energy management issue by providing visibility into energy usage, costs and performance, and energy-saving recommendations - all in an intuitively-designed package that is simple to install, configure and use.  It makes managing energy as easy and secure as managing personal finances via a smartphone app.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub — Future vision for sustainability

EcoStruxure Energy Hub was designed with Schneider Electric’s vision for sustainability and Buildings of the Future in mind, featuring three phases of building energy management maturity:

  • Energy Compliance and Basic Awareness, helps building owners comply with building energy codes and create transparency to help drive energy-efficient and sustainable behavior. In addition to energy compliance data and electrical distribution monitoring and alarming, new enhancements allow users to allocate energy usage and costs to building tenants, driving energy usage accountability and savings.
  • Energy Performance, leverage analytics to develop deep insights into waste reduction, operational improvements and performance tracking, including energy savings tips, a new feature.
  • Energy Optimization, helps organizations drive continuous energy improvement in building operations without needing to invest in expensive and sophisticated on-premise automation systems.


Schneider Electric announced the release of seven new products and new subscription-based services at its annual North American Innovation Summit. 

For Businesses and Buildings

With today’s commercial buildings accounting for 40 percent of global energy consumption and over 30 percent of their energy wasted, the following products are designed to address the traditional oversized electrical equipment to save on both revenue and energy:

  • EvoPacT is a newly designed vacuum circuit breaker offering best-in-class technology for large and complex medium voltage (MV) power distribution and control designed for a smaller footprint. EvoPacT features the first integrated health monitoring sensors for advanced monitoring capabilities allowing you to monitor product health for predictive maintenance and significantly reducing the chance for downtime, as well as perform control and monitoring functions outside of the arc flash zone.
  • ArcBlok 2500 – Line Side Arc Flash protection helps prevent, isolate, and mitigate arc flash events. ArcBlok provides enhanced safety by reducing the likelihood of an arc flash event and limiting the incident energy exposure for your electrical system. ArcBlok disrupts arc flash mitigation solutions with its simple and passive design, delivering a low carbon footprint and the longest lifecycle of any arc flash protection solution on the market. As part of a strategic alliance with specialty insurer HSB (part of Munich Re), an ArcBlok performance guarantee will bring extra peace of mind to our customers.
  • RIB Carbon Quantifier serves as an intelligent and predictive model helping to design zero-carbon buildings in the construction phase.
  • EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps reduce the environmental impact by giving access to real-time energy status reports and immediately signaling to alarms. This solution simplifies the management of building energy systems by optimizing maintenance activities and achieving compliance for the latest energy codes and standards. Its all-in-one platform for electrical infrastructure and software enables businesses to move toward their net-zero goals.
  • EcoCare's subscription-based services plan allows customers to extend the lifecycle of a facility's equipment, including data centers and UPS systems. Through this new level of access to electrical system expertise, EcoCare enables customers to optimize their maintenance and get the best recommendations to increase the performance of their systems and operations, and their overall energy management, increasing uptime and resiliency.
  • EcoStruxure Power and Process unifies the data from electrical and automation systems to help the facility's assets work in harmony for improved productivity and sustainability. EcoStruxure Power and Process now integrates with ETAP energy management software solutions that design, operate, and automate power systems. This combination of technologies enhances simulation capabilities, as process changes can be run digitally to pinpoint potential efficiencies without making physical changes and provides recovery benefits so that protocols for black-outs or unstable conditions can be programmed into systems.
  • Advanced Electric Design for Autodesk Revit by BIM Electric recently launched as an advanced BIM-based electrical design solution that integrates directly with Revit, creating a more complete and robust BIM solution that connects teams, data, and workflows across the entire project lifecycle. The latest software feature enables simplified electrical planning, design and analysis that allows engineers to play a leading role in designing high performance buildings for the new energy landscape that also adheres to local and regional standards.

For the Home

The Wiser Smart Panel Retrofit Solution makes homes more efficient by monitoring and controlling each circuit remotely from one platform, so devices are only used when they are needed. 


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