Secure Cellular Connectivity Solutions to be Enhanced by Qualcomm Technologies

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced that it is developing a cellular chip optimized and certified for Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Internet of Things (IoT) operating system.  Qualcomm Technologies’ new Azure Sphere-certified chipset for IoT will include hardware-level security, come preconfigured with the Azure Sphere, and will automatically connect to Azure Sphere security cloud services.

Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s end-to-end solution that includes an Azure Sphere certified chip, the Azure Sphere Operating System and the Azure Sphere Security Service.  The solution adds to Qualcomm Technologies’ hardware-based security to make it easier for manufacturers to create secure solutions, and to keep devices up to date over time with over a decade of security and OS updates created and delivered directly to each device by Microsoft.  This announcement builds on Qualcomm Technologies’ ongoing work with Microsoft, which previously brought AI to the Intelligent Edge with the Vision AI Developer Kit for Azure IoT solutions featuring the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence 300 Platform, which delivers powerful edge computing for on-device AI and machine learning, with exceptional thermal efficiency, across a wide range of IoT applications.

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