Siemens and AWS Simplify IT/OT Convergence with an Integrated Edge-to-Cloud Experience

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IoT SiteWise Edge by Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) is now available on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace. From there, users can deploy it on Siemens Industrial Edge for centralized app and device management and combine it with other apps and edge devices, from both Siemens and other vendors, to configure specific IoT solutions. AWS Integrated Edge-to-Cloud ExperienceIoT SiteWise Edge is an on-premises software that is part of the Industrial IoT services portfolio of AWS that can collect, process, and monitor local equipment data without the need for an internet connection.

Siemens launched its open Industrial Edge platform in 2018, and expanded it in October 2021 with the Industrial Edge Marketplace, an independent, cross-vendor app store where industrial customers can buy apps from different IoT providers. The Industrial Edge platform and Marketplace are part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that facilitates a collaborative ecosystem between Siemens, customers, and third-party partners.

Leveraging Edge and Cloud to Simplify IT/OT Integration

With AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on Industrial Edge, AWS and Siemens aim to streamline the machine-to-edge and edge-to-cloud experience, reducing the time required for customers to ingest data into the AWS cloud and utilize AWS services like data management and AI workflows. The unified solution seeks to solve issues common to many IoT projects, such as scalability challenges, lengthy deployment times, and patchy integration between IT and OT systems.

The availability of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge in the Siemens ecosystem will assist the creation and deployment of Industrial IoT applications at scale that work seamlessly across the edge and the cloud by bringing data collection and processing closer to the machine and helping streamline data pipelines into the cloud.

Optimizing Operations and Achieving Value

Customers using AWS IoT SiteWise Edge and Siemens Industrial Edge gain access to a range of industrial connectivity options, data storage and management, security capabilities, and analytics and visualization technologies across the edge and the cloud. This enables technology experts to decide what data needs to be collected and where it is stored, processed, or analyzed.

These services can increase production efficiencies, improve manufacturing operations by monitoring performance metrics, and optimize asset maintenance through remote asset monitoring using historical and real-time data. 

The Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem continues to grow, with increasing numbers of edge apps and devices on the Industrial Edge Marketplace. Siemens and AWS combine expertise in industrial automation (OT) and the cloud (IT) together to offer a streamlined machine-to-edge and edge-to-cloud experience.

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