Siemens Brings Digitization to the World of Machine Tools

By Fabian Wanke

Company and Product News

Ahead of the EMO trade fair in Hanover, Germany in September this year, Siemens hosted an event to provide an outlook on what the company will be exhibiting.  The event was held in a Siemens factory where the company has been manufacturing electric motors for industrial applications for 80 years.  Part of the plant has been converted to an "Arena of Digitization", a showcase factory for digitalization in the metalworking industry.  In an area of more than 800 square meters, Siemens demonstrates how digitalization can be implemented in metalworking applications and engine production, and what results can be achieved with it.

siemens emo1.jpgSiemens sees the digitalization of plant processes as a continuous development. The company focuses on applying digitalization in manufacturing to create consistency throughout the CAD-CAM-CNC value chain, including tool and NC program management.  Systems that previously functioned separately can now be synchronized when fitted with digital interfaces.  To achieve this, Siemens implements new software tools, optimizes NC programs and connects machines to the MindSphere platform.


According to Siemens, the electric motor plant has so far increased its capacity utilization in mechanical prefabrication by 20 percent, reduced the set-up time for new machine tools by 60 percent, and shaved as much as 20 percent off the cycle time of several parts. The factory also increased productivity thanks to flexible robots.

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