Siemens cooperates with Hilscher in the IPC market

Author photo: Fabian Wanke
By Fabian Wanke
Industry Trends

The communication landscape of today’s industrial automation is very heterogeneous, as a result machines and production systems connect via a variety of network standards. Siemens and Hilscher, a German supplier of industrial communication solutions, are now cooperating to provide users of SIMATIC IPCs with flexible access to all common fieldbus and real-time ethernet systems. This collaboration enables them to respond to complex requirements across all industries and applications.

Hilscher's own cifX PC card technology will be integrated into Siemens' Simatic IPCs to provide flexible access to all relevant fieldbus and real-time ethernet systems. The multiprotocol-capable PC cards in M.2 format are incorporated into the Simatic IPCs by plug & play and activation. Hilscher’s netX network controller then allows users to integrate 19 different fieldbuses and real-time Ethernet protocols into the M.2 PC card.

With this scalable platform, end customers can benefit from uniform device drivers, a configuration tool, and a consistent API for all protocols, including Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profinet-IO, EtherCAT, and many more. Included in the scope of delivery is Hilscher’s loadable firmware, which enables users to switch to the required protocol. Protocol stacks for controller as well as device applications are also available.

The variety of protocols is intended to ensure that the Simatic IPC can adapt to the communication requirements of different market segments and regions of the world, thus enabling their customers to connect, innovate, and run applications so they can turn data into meaningful information.

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