Siemens Inaugurates Digitalized Low Voltage Switchgear Factory in India

By Sharada Prahladrao

Company and Product News

Siemens India inaugurated its showcase digitalized low voltage switchgear factory at Kalwa, Mumbai last week. The globally benchmarked factory is capable of producing more than 180 variants at the rate of one product every nine seconds. The plant can manufacture over 5 million devices annually. Products at the plant communicate with machines and all processes are optimized for IT control, resulting in a minimal failure rate. The production methods deployed at the plant are expected to be a standard for small and medium-sized manufacturing units in India, achieving a visionary model for the future of manufacturing: end-to-end digitalization where the real and virtual worlds merge in the “Digital Factory.”

According to the company, the SIRIUS range of switchgear products that will be manufactured here requires a very high degree of precision and quality at global standards that can be achieved only through digitalization. The technical and engineering effort required to transform this 40-year-old manufacturing facility is a true showcase for Indian enterprises who wish to follow the path towards digitalization. The need for localizing global products and adapting them to the local conditions has been the priority at Siemens in India. Digitalization will help the company engage with their customers and industry suppliers across the complete value chain.

The digitalized factory is proof of how adopting digitalization will help Indian industry, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), achieve manufacturing excellence. SMEs can utilize digitalization to address growing demands such as mastering increasing product and process complexity, reducing time-to-market, adapting to changing market requirements, delivering individualized products and ensuring continuous product improvement. The low voltage switchgear factory at Kalwa Works has achieved end-to-end digitalization across its value chain through Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, such as NX and Teamcenter, Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal and manufacturing execution system. These solutions enable design of products, tools and equipment, master data management, automation, process simulation, and product traceability.


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