Siemens Introduces New Products for The Machine Tool Market

By Fabian Wanke

Company and Product News

In advance of the EMO 2017 trade show in Hanover, Germany, Siemens announced Sinumerik Edge, a new platform for machine-oriented (edge computing) applications, which uses real-time data for process monitoring and optimization. Siemens plans to offer tailor-made applications (Edge Apps) for monitoring and optimization, among other services. In addition, machine manufacturers and service providers can develop and integrate their own edge apps into the open platform. 

Other announcements include a new version of WinCC/Create MyHMI, which enables developers to create modern HMI via drag and drop, including split screen creation to get more information on widescreen monitors. New industrial widescreen monitors called SINUMERIK blackline plus Panels will also be introduced in sizes of 15, 19, 22 and 24 inches.

siemens emo4 mind-sinumerik.jpg

With its CNC Sinumerik software release 4.8, Siemens is introducing a range of new functions to improve the speed, precision, and safety of machine tools. Benefits include options for compensating unwanted axis nodding movements and protection against machine, tool and workpiece collisions.

Siemens also plans to present a new version of its Safety Integrated function for Sinumerik 840D sI in the form of its “Safety Integrated plus” software for integrated control solutions. Previously, separate complete programs had to be written for the NCK and PLC, but now this is only needed for the PLC. This failsafe program can be generated quickly and with a minimum of effort using the PLC software Step 7. According to the company, Safety Integrated plus allows machine builders to speed up plant engineering by 50 percent and commissioning by 20 percent. 

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