Siemens Presenting Nes Simulation Software for Drives to Industrial Operations X Offering

Author photo: David Humphrey
By David Humphrey
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At this year's Hanover Fair, Siemens is presenting Sinamics DriveSim Advanced, an extended simulation software for drives that can be used for both engineering and commissioning on the basis of a digital twin. Sinamics DriveSim Advanced thus expands the simulation portfolio for motion control drives at Siemens, Simulation Software for Driveswhich was introduced to the market in 2021 with Sinamics DriveSim Basic. At the same time, Sinamics DriveSim Advanced adds to the Industrial Operations X offering. With Industrial Operations X, Siemens offers a continuously growing interoperable portfolio of products and services for production engineering, execution, and optimization. This offering brings more information technology (IT) and software capabilities to automation and production operations, making industrial operations more adaptable. The Industrial Operations X portfolio is characterized by supporting an open ecosystem, being flexible with modular and scalable functions, and enabling interoperable, seamless, holistic production value chains.

 In this context, Siemens offers Sinamics DriveSim Advanced, a comprehensive solution for the simulation of drives that offers a realistic simulation of the new Sinamics converters with all their functions. Users can create a digital twin of the drive in a virtual environment with all the parameters and configurations that correspond to a real drive. The technology and user-friendly interface allow users to simulate, commission and optimize the behavior of drive systems in a virtual environment before building them in the real world. This significantly increases efficiency and productivity when optimizing drive systems and machines. With Startdrive, simulation is integrated directly into TIA Portal, so no additional software tools are required. Using the digital twin, the logical and functional aspects of the drive system can be simulated identically to the real Sinamics drives, while electrical, magnetic, and mechanical aspects are partially modeled in a simplified way. The use of virtual commissioning and engineering tools such as Sinamics DriveSim Advanced thus enables machine builders to reduce resource consumption and optimize energy efficiency, leading to a more sustainable approach to machine building.

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