Siemens RealizeLive: Shaping the Future of Software Solutions for Manufacturing

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ByAlexey Grechko
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Siemens' annual RealizeLive event, well-established in the United States, made its highly anticipated European debut this year. The US event consistently draws professionals from various industries to explore the latest innovations and advancements in software Software Solutions for Manufacturingsolutions for manufacturing. This year's European edition marked a milestone, opening doors to an entirely new audience and sparking excitement in the region's software community.

Siemens' long-standing commitment to software solutions has culminated in a diverse portfolio, including everything from CAD for engineering and modelling to state-of-the-art digital platforms and solutions for Digital Twin. The RealizeLive event served as a perfect platform to showcase these cutting-edge offerings, while also fostering a collaborative environment for exchanging ideas and forging valuable connections.

The event welcomed over 1,500 professionals from some of the world's largest companies, underscoring the significance of RealizeLive as a prime opportunity for industry leaders to come together and shape the future of software solutions and manufacturing. The heart of RealizeLive lies in its multifaceted nature, presenting the latest industry trends and innovations, providing an interactive space for thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities.

The event featured over 50 sessions with insights from Siemens experts, partners, and real-world customer case studies. Attendees were also treated to an extensive exhibition area where companies, such as Accenture, AWS, MHP, EPLAN, and many others, showcased their cutting-edge solutions and created a direct channel for participants to explore and engage.

I attended 8 sessions over the course of two days, spent several hours at the Solutions Center, and spoke with dozens of participants. One of the most memorable sessions was Toyota's presentation of a real-life case study, showcasing how they use Siemens software to optimize production processes and digitize new equipment launches. Toyota's pursuit of Virtual Commissioning for its factories, which involves using robot and PLC simulations for testing before implementation, demonstrated the transformative power of Siemens software in streamlining operations and proactively resolving software issues.

Siemens' partners also provided compelling insights, exemplified by Omnifactory, a unique research demonstrator facility engineered to address the evolving challenges of modern manufacturing. Omnifactory combined flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems with the latest developments in digital manufacturing. With a focus on full integration of digital models and physical infrastructure, advanced decision-making through data analytics and AI, and a rich OMNI APPS marketplace for deploying digital capabilities, Omnifactory highlighted the impressive potential of Siemens technology stack support.

Throughout the event, Siemens showcased the capabilities of its platforms, including Insight hub (formerly MindSphere) and Mendix. Insight hub offers a diverse array of ready-made tools for monitoring, business intelligence, quality prediction, and more, all complemented by seamless AI integration. Mendix, a unique combination of a low-code platform and a marketplace of ready-made solutions, opens doors to digitalization for both corporations and smaller companies, fostering innovation without the need for extensive programming.

The true essence of Siemens' comprehensive portfolio lies in the seamless interoperability of its solutions. Throughout the event, Siemens showcased how its various solutions collaborate and enhance each other's functionalities. For example, the Mendix Optimize My Plant app, integrated with data from Insights Hub, significantly enhanced the accuracy of the Plant Simulation model. This powerful integration facilitated up-to-date planning and production optimization, bridging the digital twin of production with real-time production data to unlock new use cases for planners and shop floor leaders.

In conclusion, Siemens RealizeLive has evolved into a cherished tradition in the US, and its foray into Europe has generated tremendous enthusiasm among the software community. The event's success in attracting professionals from diverse industries underscores its relevance in shaping the future of software solutions and manufacturing. Events like RealizeLive will remain crucial in fostering collaboration and propelling the software and manufacturing landscape into a new era of possibilities as Siemens continues to push the boundaries of innovation.


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