Siemens and SAP Partner to Boost India’s Energy and Utility Sector

By Sharada Prahladrao

Acquisition or Partnership

Siemens and SAP SE recently announced an extension of their global agreement in smart metering to jointly go-to-market in India and support the Government’s target of installing 130 million Smart Meters by 2021. This cooperative effort is intended to address multiple digital end-to-end business scenarios for India’s energy and utility sector.

For India, smart meters will play a pivotal role in handing power distribution companies the ability to address billing inefficiencies, distribution losses, and managing peak load, while enhancing customer experience. The average technical and commercial losses for State Distribution Companies is around 25.3 percent. The “SAP Meter Data Management by Siemens” solution aims to address this gap by enabling companies to integrate real-time processing of Big Data generated by connected meters and sensors to provide better insight and control into energy.

According to Siemens, with energy demand expected to overtake supply, spiraling costs, and increasing pressures to reduce carbon emissions, the energy sector needs new ways to meet these challenges. The “SAP Meter Data Management by Siemens” solution will provide energy distribution companies the capabilities of real-time power quality analysis combined with customer analytics. This provides a powerful value proposition to the companies that, simply put, will help minimize their losses and help them function better, thus augmenting the growth of the sector. SAP opines that India’s energy demand is expected to increase manifold in the coming decade; and to meet this demand while enabling constant growth, the energy sector needs to continue its push towards digital transformation.

Siemens and SAP have long-standing relationships with utilities and municipalities, and this furthers their aim towards propelling digitization of the sector. By presenting powerful opportunities to leverage IoT capabilities they will help transform the landscape for current and future energy market players.

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