Sight Machine Factory CoPilot Democratizes Industrial Data with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Author photo: Colin Masson
ByColin Masson
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Sight Machine Inc. is one of the first Microsoft partners to announce a Factory 'CoPilot', providing easier access to industrial data using the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI). By integrating Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform with Microsoft Generative Artificial IntelligenceAzure OpenAI Service, Factory CoPilot greatly simplifies manufacturing problem solving, analysis and reporting.

Using a natural language user interface similar to ChatGPT, Factory CoPilot offers an “ask the expert” experience for all manufacturing stakeholders, regardless of data proficiency. In response to a single question, Factory CoPilot can automatically summarize all relevant data and information about production in real-time (e.g., for daily meetings) and generate user-friendly reports, emails, charts and other content (in any language) about the performance of any machine, line or plant across the manufacturing enterprise, based on contextualized data in the Sight Machine platform.

Factory CoPilot guides users through root cause analysis and drill-down investigation for faster diagnosis of issues. Streaming data from across machines, lines and plants enables continuous system-wide analysis and insights, identifying the causes of unplanned downtime, slow-running machines or quality issues, and enabling continuous manufacturing process improvement. Factory CoPilot empowers team members with real-time results and insights from production queries, such as KPI reporting, performance comparisons, trend and correlation analyses, data source availability reports, and recommendations on optimal settings and production recipes.

Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform already creates a common data foundation and utilizes AI/ML to support real-time decision making, so this is a logical step to take advantage of the breakthroughs in ease of use offered by generative AI and leveraging Microsoft's enterprise-ready access to these AI technologies.

Sight Machine’s integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service continues a multi-year collaboration that helps manufacturers around the world transform their business and unlock new levels of productivity and sustainability with leading cloud, data, and AI-powered technology.

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