Simulation Software Market Update 2023


For more than three decades, ARC has been recognized globally for our detailed market analysis and unrivaled accuracy. ARC analysts monitor the key technologies, vertical industries, and regional trends impacting the global business environment on an ongoing basis. A case in point is the market for Simulation Software.

The overall simulation software market today comprises a broad and diverse set of technologies and applications based on 3D virtual simulation models. The traditional core of the simulation software market is computer-aided engineering (CAE), which was developed primarily for product design testing. Essentially, advanced simulation applications enable engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and builders to virtually simulate the physical world to test, validate, optimize, and experience products, systems, and environments.

The market research covers the market for 3D virtual simulation solutions for CAE, product test and validation, manufacturing and production systems, system design, and mechatronics. Simulation solutions help merge virtual and physical worlds.

Simulation Software for Discrete Products

This simulation software market update is for discreet products in the discreet market, not for process. So for this market, we acknowledge that simulation software allows businesses to design, simulate, test, and validate their product in simulated real world environments. They can do that through a variety of modules, like finite element analysis, which is probably better known as structural analysis or computational fluid dynamics or electromagnetic. There's also multi-domain physics analysis, which combines more than one of those modules together to test and evaluate the product or component under a variety of situational factors. So, this market update is looking at products that specifically test and validate what a business is looking to create for real world environments. It also is looking at digital twin technology as well.

In this video, ARC’s Business Development Manager, Lucas Martin, interviews Daniel Keyser, Analyst and Author responsible for the Simulation Software Market Update.

Watch this video and learn more about the Simulation Software Market.

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During the interview, you will hear more about:

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