Stratasys Acquires Riven to Streamline Quality Assurance for Production-Scale Additive Manufacturing

Author photo: Marianne D’Aquila
By Marianne D’Aquila
Acquisition or Partnership

Stratasys Ltd., a supplier of polymer 3D printing solutions, announced the acquisition of quality assurance software company Riven. The Berkeley, Calif.,-based start-up has been a Stratasys connectivity software partner, and its cloud-based software solution will now be fully integrated into Stratasys’ GrabCAD Additive Additive ManufacturingManufacturing Platform, benefiting customers using any Stratasys 3D printer running GrabCAD Print software.

Riven’s cloud-based software helps customers inspect, diagnose, and automatically correct deviations between CAD files and actual printed parts, resulting in more accurate parts at a lower overall cost. A new version in testing uses artificial intelligence to pre-adjust the models automatically. Parts inspection in particular can be a significant bottleneck in the production process, in many cases creating delays of weeks or months. By integrating Riven’s software into a closed-loop 3D printing process, Stratasys will be able to help its customers scale their shipments of 3D printed end-use parts while reducing waste through fewer iterations to improve sustainability.

Stratasys’ GrabCAD AM Platform enables two-way connectivity between 3D printers, additive manufacturing and enterprise applications, and broader Industry 4.0 infrastructure. The open and enterprise-ready platform brings together GrabCAD applications and functionality from GrabCAD Software Partners. This allows manufacturers to manage their production-scale additive manufacturing operations across the entire digital thread, from design through production.

The acquisition, which closed in October 2022, included all intellectual property associated with Warp Adaptive Modeling (WAM) and Predictive WAM (PWAM). Members of the Riven team will be integrated into the Stratasys Software business unit.

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