Sumitomo Chemical and Isorg Announce Partnership to Develop Organic Photodetectors

By Shin Kai

Acquisition or Partnership

Sumitomo Chemical, a leader in OPD materials production and other fields, and Isorg, a pioneer in organic photodetectors (OPDs) and large-area image sensors, announced their agreement to develop new OPD products for use as smartphone fingerprint sensors and hybrid organic CMOS image sensors.

This agreement expands the existing collaboration between Sumitomo Chemical and Isorg that began in 2013.  Isorg will license its technology processes to its OEMs, while Sumitomo Chemical will manufacture the dedicated organic semiconductor material, as well as support Isorg in terms of production technology and marketing.

This collaboration aims to provide OEMs with materials and technology processing solutions that will enable them to bring to market products using high-performance, high-quality fingerprint and CMOS image sensors.  The fingerprint sensors can be incorporated beneath the entirety of a smartphone display, allowing fingerprint recognition from any point or position on that display.  The hybrid organic CMOS image sensors are intended for use in cameras, including those designed for near infrared capabilities.  Sumitomo Chemical and Isorg anticipate that these sensors will meet the performance and quality standards necessary for application in the security, automotive, diagnostics and consumer electronics markets.

Going forward, Sumitomo Chemical and Isorg will work jointly on commercialization of the products to promptly meet the needs of customers.

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