TCS Launches Assessment and Migration Factory for AWS Mainframe Modernization

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Tata Consultancy Services announced the launch of the TCS Assessment and Migration Factory, a set of tools, accelerators, and services that enable customers to shift their mainframe workloads to the new AWS Mainframe Modernization platform.

TCS worked closely with AWS in the development of AWS Mainframe Modernization, a unique platform that helps organizations modernize and migrate their on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS.

TCS’ new Assessment and Migration Factory for AWS Mainframe Modernization uses the company’s deep domain expertise in mainframe workloads migration, domain-specific reference architecture, and best practices for legacy modernization to provide customers a faster, surer, and more cost-effective transformation path.

Complementing the native toolsets of AWS Mainframe Modernization are TCS’ proprietary services and tools, including:

  • TCS Cloud Counsel: A discovery, cloud assessment and recommendation offering to help customers select the right cloud model and determine the migration roadmap.
  • Cloud Mason: Helps define, design, and deploy an enterprise-scale cloud foundation for deploying modern digital applications using IaaS, containers, PaaS and serverless architecture on a public cloud, which can be integrated with a private cloud or on-premises data centers.
  • TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus: An intelligent automation product that automates business logic extraction and significantly accelerates end-to-end application modernization and supports a wide range of legacy and modern programming languages.
  • Modernization Propeller: Assesses enterprise maturity for modernizations, application for microservices fitment, reference architecture formulation, domain level decomposition, build and cost determination.
  • Cloud Exponence: A comprehensive platform that applies a Machine First approach, optimizing machine-human collaboration to deliver smart managed services in hybrid cloud environments.

Working with TCS, customers across the globe will be able to seamlessly leverage these solutions on AWS and gain from better speed to market, agility, and digital transformation of their mainframe workloads.

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