TCS Launches Cloud Exponence on Microsoft Azure

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Tata Consultancy Services has launched a curated version of its flagship cloud management and orchestration platform, TCS Cloud Exponence on Microsoft Azure.

TCS Cloud Exponence is a platform that applies a Machine First approach, optimizing machine-human collaboration to deliver smart managed services in hybrid cloud environments.  It reduces cloud management overheads, offers a consistent service delivery experience and provides full-stack infrastructure services for applications, IoT, blockchain, APIs, and other new age workloads.  The integrated services simplify complex operations, making way for cloud flexibility, enterprise agility, and enabling smarter and faster digital transformations.

TCS Cloud Exponence provides fully configurable functionalities, minimizing the need for investments in third-party tools.  It offers enterprises the power to orchestrate operations through a unified console across multiple cloud platforms. In addition, customers are provided with a catalog-based service model to choose services on an as-needed basis.  The new version is integrated with Azure features such as Azure Recovery Vault, Infrastructure-as-code, Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel to manage workloads on Azure.

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