TCS Launches Jile 2.0 to Support Large Scale Agile Planning and Delivery

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Tata Consultancy Services launched Jile 2.0, a new major release of Jile, its Agile DevOps product-on-cloud.  The original product, Jile 1.0, launched in August 2018, helped distributed teams (or a `team of teams’) easily adopt agile methods for application delivery at scale.  Jile 2.0 takes it a step further, supporting multiple teams of teams plan and deliver large products in various functional areas that the customer sees, uses, and values.  With Jile’s new large product layer, distributed agile teams can manage synchronized, incremental delivery of large systems involving complex sub-products, across different technology stacks, each with its own product vision, roadmap, and release cycle.  As a result, enterprises that develop and manage large IT systems can now embrace Agile and DevOps for their innovation, and gain business agility.

Jile 2.0 is expected to further accelerate adoption of Agile at the enterprise level.  Currently, most teams use Agile methods in a limited, IT-specific context.  Jile integrates product management activities, such as visioning, strategic planning, and road-mapping, into Agile development, thus aligning the execution with the business strategy.  Existing users can readily access the enhanced capabilities and added features of the latest release.

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