TCS Launches Mobility Cloud Suite to Supercharge the Future of Automotive Enterprises

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced the launch of TCS Mobility Cloud Suite, a toolbox of cloud-enabled software to help automotive manufacturers and suppliers adapt to the rapid changes in their industry and accelerate the expansion of their ecosystems.

Mobility Cloud SuiteTCS Mobility Cloud Suite includes ready-to-deploy, automotive-specific and industry- and cloud-agnostic solutions, digital frameworks, custom solutions, accelerators, and use cases. These curated offerings help automakers and their solution providers embrace digital technologies and new business models across the entire mobility value chain—from product design and manufacturing to sales and warranty, as well as new ecosystem partnerships.

Regardless of where enterprises are on their cloud journey, TCS Mobility Cloud Suite is designed to guide their business and technology strategies. It complements and helps users get the most out of their existing cloud and IT posture, including their chosen technology solution providers and alliances, to achieve their desired business outcomes. The suite is packed with solutions that enable concurrent product development and testing, autonomous factories, resilient supply chains, and superior customer experience. Importantly, it simplifies navigating the expanding mobility ecosystem so that automotive companies can cultivate new partnerships and business endeavors, such as subscription-based service models and public-private ventures to enable smart city experiences.

For example, TCS Mobility Cloud suite makes it easier and faster to test and validate the reliability of autonomous vehicles by using simulation to aid resource-intensive street testing.  In addition, it hosts an easy-to-deploy subscription management solution coupled with zero-touch operations to create an electric vehicle ecosystem. Another solution allows auto insurers to set premiums based on actual driving data, using geo-fencing, connected data, and driver behavior.

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