TCS and Singapore Airlines Launch Intelligent Airline Operations to Digitally Transform Airline Ground Operations

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Tata Consultancy Services and Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced the launch of the Intelligent Airline Operations (IAO) Solution, an operations management solution that will digitally transform airlines’ ground services and operations control.

Co-created by TCS and SIA, this solution for the airline industry expands the long-standing strategic partnership between the two organizations.  It combines TCS' and SIA’s airline industry and digital thought leadership to deliver a best in class Operations Management solution.

Intelligent Airline Operations

The IAO Solution provides operations controllers and airport management staff with real time, on-the-go views of their passengers and operations.  This view will enable them to make informed decisions while simultaneously providing enriched services to customers.  During disruption scenarios, such as flight delays, misconnections and cancellations, the solution will help airlines mitigate the compounding effects of the disruption, and quickly recover at scale.

The solution utilizes TCS’ New Core, a cloud-ready, high speed messaging and data processing platform with machine learning capabilities and an advanced events engine.  The platform amalgamates data in near real-time from different functional areas and systems, including flight operations, airport operations, crew operations, customer services, baggage, and loyalty, making it a platform for data driven airline operations.

Experts from the two organizations developed the solution using Agile methodologies, adding and releasing new business capabilities and functionality on a continuous basis.  The very first deployment of the IAO Solution has been by SIA itself.  The solution has been rolled out to SIA’s airport management staff, such as Station and Duty Managers, across the globe.

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