TeSys, Blending a Century of Motor Management with Digital Transformation and Schneider Electric

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick

100 years of providing motor management, protection, and control is a major accomplishment for any company, but how does a century old company evolve from producing products that some may look at as commodities to providing solutions that leverage Motor Managementthe latest digital transformation technologies? 

Craig Resnick from the ARC Advisory Group speaks to Iount Farcas, Senior Vice President, Europe Hub leader for Low Voltage, at Schneider Electric, to discuss its TeSys motor controls business, the history of TeSys,  attributes that contributed to TeSys century of success, TeSys solutions beyond motor protection and control, benefits that customers derive from TeSys motor management solutions, key synergies with Schneider Electric’s portfolio of solutions that TeSys customers can leverage and benefit from, and how Schneider Electric and TeSys will continue to provide power distribution solutions over the next century.

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TeSys got its start in 1924 producing electrical contactors, which are electrically controlled devices that are used repeatedly to switch electrical circuits on and off. They manufactured the world's first bar contactor, which was designed for high-power, low-voltage, and heavy-duty applications. There are a number of reasons behind the TeSys success story.  The first may be that the company was in right place at the right time with the right product. Motors drove the Industrial Revolution in the early 20th century. And as industries grew, so did their dependence on motors. So companies wanted to control their motors, going from mechanical to electrical devices, in the most efficient way. Also, TeSys deployed its motor solutions worldwide, thanks to its partners. Successful installations and reliable operational performance led to strong market traction. OEMs started working with TeSys because they could purchase the solutions globally and have services accessible anywhere regardless of where the solutions were purchased. And finally, as an agile company today, TeSys is constantly looking to its customers for insights and inputs to make its solutions better. By collaborating with its customers, the company is able to respond to market needs quicker with better solutions, keeping quality always as its first priority.

Today, customers aren’t just looking for a device to turn their motors on and off; they want a complete solution that can deliver efficiency, energy savings, and robust performance. This is what TeSys’ parent company, Schneider Electric, one of the leading energy management companies in the world, brings in addition to TeSys, providing end-to-end support of a customer’s entire infrastructure, including software solutions. 

With the combination of Schneider Electric’s portfolio of solutions along with new TeSys motor control technologies, both OEMs and end users can achieve additional business benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, increased power availability, enhanced operator and device safety, and better price performance. Companies want to better control and manage their power, and are looking for complete, end-to-end solutions, not just specific hardware or electrical products. And that’s what Schneider Electric provides with its EcoStruxure architecture. What this means for customers is saving both energy costs and consumption with solutions that are smarter, more sustainable, and more resilient.

In summary, digital transformation technologies, such as AI, cloud, edge and IIoT, as well as technologies yet to be invented, will continue to transform industry at an accelerating pace. TeSys’ vision for the future is to leverage these new and upcoming technologies to monitor motors, predict performance, provide maintenance recommendations, and enable customers to take the right actions at the right time. The new energy landscape is evolving dramatically to a new stage of load management that involves multiple sources of energy, both incoming and outgoing. Managing an electrical distribution system is getting more complicated, but with a partner, such as Schneider Electric, and solutions, such as TeSys, customers can navigate more successfully and enjoy the benefits that these new technologies deliver and be a digital partner for increased sustainability and efficiency for its customers.

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