Transforming Process Data into Value

By Janice Abel

Technology Trends

Companies still struggle with obtaining the intelligence and value that is needed to make better business decisions. There’s a lot of value from data that you are collecting and data that has already been collected. Data and application should bring insights to operations, because today’s operations are based on big data. Many companies are using new applications like advanced analytics to bring more value from transforming process data. They are also using various methods to calculate the business case, ROI and technology value.

How Users Are Transforming Process Data to Create Value

At the ARC Orlando forum this year, join us at the “Transforming Data into Value” and find about how users are applying modern historians, data platforms and advanced analytics to processes. Users will illustrate how manufacturers are solving problems through analytics, data infrastructures and the digital transformation with real life experience. The ability to transform data into value using operational data is top on most people’s list. There are still many hurdles and challenges including data silos, spreadsheets and the application of the right technology.

Transforming process date into value
Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR


Learn How Utilities are Leveraging Analytics to Improve Operational Efficiencies

At this session Don Morrison, Senior Real-time Data Engineer, Devon Energy will discuss how they are using analytics to improve operational efficiencies to obtain real time data more effective. Tim Alexander, Brewery Operations Manager, Deschutes Brewery will also discuss how one brewery is reducing costs and getting better beer through data. Learn how these companies are using analytics to transform their processes. Join this session and learn how you can handle data more effectively, reduce costs and improve quality. Find out how Devon Energy and Deschutes Brewery are using data platforms and analytics are making better decisions and transforming data into value in the oil and brewery industries.

transforming process data into value
Don Morrison, Devon Energy


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