Translate Underutilized Data to Make Industrial Operations Smarter with Uptake Technologies

Author photo: Jim Frazer and Smart Cities Team
By Jim Frazer and Smart Cities Team
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In a recent podcast, ARC’s Jim Frazer spoke with Andrew Soignier of Uptake Technologies about how companies  can translate underutilized data into insights that make industrial operations even smarter.

It may sound simple, but organizations fail at it every day. In fact, industrial facilities use as little as 1% of their own machine data productively.

Jim & Andrew explore Uptake’s ability to deliver real-time insights in an intuitive UI from your PP&E, in context of deep industrial intelligence, so you can make better business decisions, that translate to a healthier bottom line.

And, since Uptake has been purpose-built for heavy industry, their products are simpler to use, easier to scale, and faster to return value than other standard AI/ML solutions.

To listen to the podcast, please click below.



Some insights from the conversation:

Jim Frazer 

Greetings, let's get started with a simple foundational question. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you got started on your path to the world of industrial analytics?

Andrew Soignier 

Yeah, you bet. Thanks. been doing this a little bit over 25 years, about 10 years in automation and OT technology as an engineer and rotating equipment and process safety. I then actually got recruited into enterprise software back in 2007. And have never looked back. And every time I've kind of taken on new challenges. The gravity has always brought me back to energy, manufacturing, chemical, and oil and gas around the latest technologies. And over the last seven plus years that's evolved into digital and all of the advanced technologies associated with it.

Jim Frazer 

So let me ask for those of our audience members who might not be fully versed in industrial analytics, what is industrial analytics?

Andrew Soignier 

So I think the simplest answer that that I've seen lately is being able to solve problems and answer questions across the enterprise. And being able to do that in a way that is ultimately facilitated with the technologies, some of them that we use in the consumer world.


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