Unitree and NVIDIA Collaborate to Promote the In-Depth Evolution of Global AI Robots

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivered a keynote speech "Witness the Transformative Moment of AI" at the SAP Center in San Jose, California, officially kicking off the 2024 NVIDIA GTC Conference.       

Global AI Robots

Unitree H1 was unveiled at the conference, working with NVIDIA to promote the in-depth evolution of global AI robots.

Unitree H1 just set a world record for the speed of a full-size humanoid robot with a movement speed of 3.3 meters per second some time ago. The potential speed exceeds 5m/s, waiting for everyone to explore and develop. It is reported to be the most powerful humanoid robot of similar specifications in the world.

Unitree H1 is the world's first full-size motor drive humanoid robot that flips on ground. Unitree's self-developed AI robot algorithm, under NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated robot simulation platform, allows H1 to independently learn high-speed running, bearing weight of up to 30KG, proceed up and down stairs, perform a variety of highly dynamic dance movements, and can continue to learn more different types of movements. 

Unitree H1 Full-size humanoid robot parameters:

  • Body Size Value: height about 180CM, weight about 47kg

  • DOF of Each Leg: 5 (Hip×3 + Knee×1 + Ankle×1)

  • DOF of Each Arm: 4 (Expandable)

  • Peak Torque Density: 189N.m/Kg

  • Endurance: Battery capacity 864Wh, Max Voltage 67.2V, quickly replaceable

  • Maximum Joint Torque: Knee Torque About 360N.m, Hip Joint Torque About 220N.m,Ankle Torque About 45N.m, Arm Joint Torque About 75N.m

  • 360° Depth Sensing: 3D LIDAR + Depth Camera

AI is at an inflection point as generative AI creates a new wave of opportunities, causing inference workloads to grow in a step-function fashion. Jensen Huang said that in our world, humanoid robots will play a greater role in the future.

Developing a model for humanoid robots is the most exciting topic in the field of AI today. AI and robotics leaders around the world are bringing together various cutting-edge technologies and resources to achieve technological breakthroughs in the field of general robotics.


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