US NSF Announces 7 New National AI Research Institutes

Author photo: Patrick Arnold
ByPatrick Arnold
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The United States National Science Foundation has announced a $140 million investment to establish seven new research institutions dedicated to artificial intelligence. This announcement is a continuation of a broad federal strategy to cohesively manage the opportunities and risks of AI technology with the AI Research Institutesassistance of other federal agencies, institutions of higher education, and private stakeholders.

With this investment, the NSF and its funding partners have now contributed almost half a billion dollars to the AI research institute network that spans almost every state in the US.  These seven new AI institutes will leverage machine learning’s capabilities to enhance US innovation, infrastructure, and public well-being by pursuing the following goals:

  • Develop policy models and standards for ensuring trustworthy AI
  • Discover novel approaches for counteracting cybersecurity threats
  • Advance foundational AI with agriculture and forestry science knowledge to meet sustainability and emissions targets
  • Accelerate interdisciplinary research between neuroscience and AI
  • Leverage AI decision making for disaster management and public safety
  • Empower educators with AI-based learning tools

The seven new research institutes hope to drive discoveries that will ensure the US remains at the forefront of the global AI revolution.

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