VANTIQ Unveils Back-to-Work Accelerator: Software to Safeguard Workplaces Against COVID-19

By Michael Guilfoyle

Company and Product News

In response to a massive spike in demand for solutions that can help the world get back to work, VANTIQ announced the Back-to-Work Accelerator: a product that enables software developers to rapidly build real-time applications for safeguarding workplaces against the spread of COVID-19.  VANTIQ’s Back-to-Work Accelerator is available immediately, enabling developers to go from concept to large-scale deployments in a matter of weeks.

The Back-To-Work Accelerator includes pre-built components and device integrations that allow developers to build customized and extensible workplace solutions.  These solutions integrate with a spectrum of real-time data sources and devices, including AI-enabled cameras, IoT sensors, real-time location data, enterprise systems and many other technologies.  Six pre-built components—symptom detection, physical distancing, contact tracing, access management, safety compliance, and asset monitoring—empower businesses to manage critical events in real time, so that automated systems and human responders can react swiftly and with far greater effectiveness to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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