Warehouse Management Practices That Matter

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BySteve Banker
ARC Report Abstract

Executive Overview

This ARC Advisory Group Strategy Report is a follow-up to last year’s report on Best Practices for Achieving Excellence in Warehouse Operations. That survey-based research showed that the best-run warehouses – warehouses that are productive, safe, service oriented, and have low turnover – showed that management clearly matters.  More than half the practices that contribute to excellence in warehouse management relate to management techniques.  This report – also survey-based, takes a deeper look at those management techniques.

It’s becoming harder for warehouses to retain workers.  Further, once a worker leaves, it’s also more difficult to find a qualified replacement.  Finally, it takes time to bring new workers up to speed. Thus, management techniques that help in retention and productivity are increasingly important. 

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According to ARC research, the best-run warehouses all subject managers to 360-degree reviews, train managers in how to give effective feedback, and provide employees with feedback frequently and fairly.  However, just because a company uses a management practice, does not ensure that a warehouse will be well run!  Well-run warehouses employ these techniques significantly more often than less well-run warehouses.  But, clearly, there are best practices associated with using these techniques properly and effectively.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Management Practices Associated with Warehouse Operational Excellence
  • Hiring and Turnover Trends Highlight the Need for Strong Management
  • Management Matters
  • Conclusion


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