Water and Wastewater Utilities Leverage IIoT

By Mark Sen Gupta

ARC Report Abstract

Water utilities are being challenged to operate more efficiently, lower operating costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.  Water scarcity has become a universal issue and reducing nonrevenue water has reached critical mass at utilities worldwide.  This is particularly true in arid regions that rely on costly desalinated water as their primary source of potable water.  The utilities are turning to SCADA to increase operator efficiency, engineering efficiency, and process optimization, while also being more responsive to the needs of their customers.

The latest generation of SCADA platforms provide the capability to collect, sort, and analyze data quickly and display it on executive dashboards. A surge of new hardware and software technologies emerging in the industrial sector are disrupting the way systems are designed and organizations operate. Some of the key disruptive technologies being incorporated into SCADA systems include the cloud, virtualization, mobility, Big Data analytics, and other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.  

Some key findings from ARC Advisory Group’s recent market study on SCADA for water & wastewater include:

  • External forces like regulations, aging infrastructure, and overall sustainability force the introduction of new technology solutions
  • Cybersecurity continues to grow as a major concern
  • The industry is beginning to accept cloud-based solutions


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