Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detection

By Constanze Schmitz

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Each winter the news reports on numerous incidents involving carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.  Highly toxic to humans, CO is responsible for 20,000 emergency department visits a year in the United States alone.  It is produced during incomplete burning of organic matter.  This can occur from motor vehicles, heaters, or cooking equipment that run on carbon-based fuels.  The fact that CO is a colorless and odorless gas creates a need for specialized detection equipment to ensure safety for consumers as well as for workers in numerous industrial processing applications where CO is used.

carbon monoxide detection CO%20Detection.JPGWireless Carbon Monoxide Detection

United Electric Controls has added carbon monoxide (CO) to the list of gases detected by the Vanguard WirelessHART Gas Detector.  The industrial gas detector supports interchangeable detection heads for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methane (CH4), as well as carbon monoxide (CO).

Wireless technology enables companies to set up more detection points to protect workers and eliminates the need to maintain wiring.  WiHART communication accessories enable users to extend system range, to receive WirelessHART data via 4-20 mA inputs, and further extend range with powered repeaters.

Reducing the cost of CO detection

Wireless CO monitoring can reduce the cost of installing detection technology by up to 90 percent, as it makes wiring and the associated maintenance work unnecessary.  Furthermore, the Vanguard CO detection range enables alarms at higher values while providing accuracy at lower values, which is helpful for asset management.  The CO sensor avoids false alarms resulting from temperature drift and can be installed and calibrated at the same time.  Upgraded diagnostic software detects and pre-warns of system faults, providing more visibility into sensor messages, more ways to code the status of the signals, and fewer false alarms.

The gas detector also features FLEXmount installation, adding magnetic and universal mounting options.  The magnetic option enables installation on I-beams without drilling.  The universal option uses adjustable clamps that allow mounting the device on pipes from 3”-12” in diameter without a hot work permit.

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