Xage Announces AI-Powered Analytics and Insight Capabilities to Enhance Zero Trust Access and Protection

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ByLarry O'Brien
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Xage Security, a global player in zero trust access and protection, announced new AI-powered analytics and insight capabilities. These capabilities use AI to derive actionable insights from the unique user-activity data and visibility inherent to the Xage Fabric Platform. These insights empower cybersecurity teams to quickly and easily implement and refine preventative zero trust policies.

AI-Powered Analytics

In a landscape where attacks are on the rise and the cybersecurity talent gap is growing, capabilities that enable organizations to be more effective and faster are at a premium. Organizations around the world are looking for solutions that enable them to more effectively and efficiently prevent cyber-attacks.

The launch includes two significant product enhancements – Xage Insights, a data visualization and analytics engine, and Xena, an identity-based AI co-pilot. Combined, these capabilities will enable security administrators and operators to be more effective at implementing zero trust security principles every stage in their roles as cyber defenders. With Xage Insights and Xena, cyber defenders can:

  • Understand: Speed up the ability to comprehend the threat landscape across their IT, OT, and cloud environments. Prioritize suspicious user and device behavior that require further investigation and give administrators and operators the ability to ask detailed questions about their environment and security posture. 

  • Respond: Armed with rich insights, shorten response times by providing recommendations for response and mitigation, including refined policies and recommended actions via Xage and broader ecosystem of security controls. 

  • Evolve: Continually improve their environment by dynamically developing and evolving policies to proactively counter emerging threats.

Xage Insights delivers insights into access usage, tracking interactions by identity, type, and geography. This provides organizations with a real-time situational awareness and deeper understanding of their security posture and potential vulnerabilities. The powerful analytics engine delivers insights into users, device, application, and workload interactions, like failed and excessive login attempts, enumeration, and lateral movement attempts. This helps to expose security risks or breaches by correlating the various events happening across the environment and complementing them with identity information. Xage Insights also informs admins of unexpected user behavior or unusual activities by proactively monitoring the environment for actual policy violations, eliminating the noise and focusing on real concerns.

Xena, an identity-based AI co-pilot, transforms and accelerates how teams interact with their data. Xena offers organizations the ability to ask questions of their environment, gain insights about emerging threats, gain remediation guidance and automate tasks. The quality of output from any Generative AI improves with the quality of its input. Because of the Xage Fabric’s unique multi-layer deployment extending from the core to the edge of the organization’s IT, OT, and cloud resources, it operates on richer, more granular access and behavior data than any other platform. This depth of data enables Xena to provide precise insights and tailored recommendations to drive better security posture through zero trust policy.

Xage Insights is generally available in May 2024 and Xena AI co-pilot beta version will be available in June 2024. These enhancements are not just tools but partners in the journey to secure digital assets and maintain trust in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. 

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