Year End 2023 PROFINET Installed Base Surpasses PROFIBUS for First Time

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ByChantal Polsonetti
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The industry trade group PROFIBUS & PROFINET International’s (PI’s) annual survey of newly installed nodes reveals that, for the first time, the reported installed base of 69.3 million Ethernet-based PROFINET products at the end of 2023 has surpassed the installed base of 68.9 million serial PROFIBUS devices.  The organization reports 2023 PROFINET shipments of 10.6 million nodes while PROFIBUS shipments totaled 1.5 million devices.

PROFINET Installed Base

According to PI, sixty percent, or 0.9 million of the 1.5 million PROFIBUS devices shipped in 2023, were used in process automation.  Process automation accounts for approximately 24 percent of the total PROFIBUS installed base.

An additional 15.9 million IO-Link devices were reported to be installed in 2023, which represents growth of 89 percent compared to the previous year (8.4 million devices). As a result, the total number of installed IO-Link nodes reported reached 51.6 million by the end of 2023.

Reported shipments of devices supporting the PROFIsafe safety network reached 3.9 million nodes, which corresponds to an increase of 39 percent over the previous year (2022). The total number of PROFIsafe devices in the field reportedly now stands at 25.6 million.

Further information on the industrial network infrastructure market can be found here.

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