Yokogawa Focuses on Co-Innovation

Author photo: Janice Abel
ByJanice Abel
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Yokogawa kicked off its recent 12th biennial Users Conference & Exhibition 2016, North America in Orlando with a video greeting from Takashi Nishijima, President and CEO, Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Mr. Nishijima elaborated on the conference theme, “Partnering with Industry for a Brighter Future.”  Yokogawa is starting its 101st year.  Mr. Nishijima attributed this significant milestone to the company’s customers and stated that the company’s, “Co-innovating Tomorrow” mantra emphasizes the importance of collaborating with customers and business partners to create new value.  The market is facing global challenges and innovation will be key to sustaining growth.

Mr. Takashi Nishijima, President and CEO, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

The conference included a mix of keynote speakers, technology and industry sessions, expert panels and workshops, and exhibits.  It brought together end users and suppliers, engineers, and technicians to discuss ways to improve plant safety, efficiency and optimize performance.  Many presentations emphasized the need to leverage synergies and build a collaborative environment.

Yokogawa highlighted its plans to collaborate with partners for co-innovation and sustainability.  The conference covered digital transformation, IIoT, data analytics, communications, field instrumentation and new products and services – plus new project implementation approaches.  In addition to co-innovation through clients, partners and acquisitions, other important takeaways include a focus on the digital transformation, operator effectiveness, advanced decision support, quality analytics and connected services.

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