Yokogawa and GlyTech to Build Biosynthesis Processes and a Pharmaceutical Production Platform

By Shin Kai

Acquisition or Partnership

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has invested in GlyTech, Inc., a Kyoto-based company with leading-edge technologies in the synthesis of glycans, which influence cell metabolism and functional changes. The companies will partner with the aim of establishing biosynthesis processes that utilize the structures of glycans and molecules, and building a platform to optimize biopharmaceutical production.

There are high expectations for the future of biopharmaceuticals due to their high efficacy and reduced risk of side effects in comparison to traditional small molecule drugs. A variety of technologies are needed for their development and commercialization, and one of these is technology that enables the high-level control of glycan structure. Glycans perform a variety of functions that include cell-cell interaction and recognition, and play a role in the development of therapeutics for the treatment of a range of medical conditions. As such, it is expected that new biopharmaceuticals will be developed and commercialized, and the market will grow if progress can be made in the analysis of glycan functions and in the design, synthesis, and production of glycans for specific applications.

GlyTech is a venture company that has constructed a library of glycans with complex and diverse patterns and structures, and possesses technology for the addition of characterized glycans to biopharmaceuticals that rely on glycoproteins as their active ingredient. In addition to increasing the functionality of glycoproteins, the company has been successful in the production of high purity glycans. By combining this with Yokogawa’s quality control, manufacturing execution, and productivity improvement in pharmaceutical plants, the companies look to maximize synergy and accurately control the structure of difficult-to-handle glycans, thus contributing to the quality and stable supply of biopharmaceuticals.

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