Yokogawa Releases ISA100 Wireless Gateway Module for Small-scale Field Systems

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has developed an ISA100 Wireless gateway module for field wireless communications that integrates the functions of an access point and a gateway, and will release it on November 29. Compact in size and easy to set up, this gateway module is ideal for building small-scale field wireless systems for upstream (oil and gas field development and production) and other types of applications where data is typically collected from a small number of devices distributed across a wide area.

Product Features

Small form factor

Existing field wireless systems consist of wireless transmitters that can measure flow rate, temperature, pressure, and vibration in a production process; access points for receiving signals from wireless sensors; and management stations that function as gateways for the collection of sensor data via access points and send the data to a host system. This new gateway module is able to function as both an access point and gateway because it incorporates an FN110 field wireless communication module with a built-in gateway. The FN110 dimensions are unchanged, with a diameter of 23 mm and a length of 90 mm. When used together with an LN90 interface adaptor that incorporates a power supply adapter and a host system communications interface, the new gateway module can link up to 20 field wireless devices with a host controller or other device via the RS-485 Modbus general-purpose communications protocol.

Easy to set up

This gateway module requires the input of just a few items to set it up. A clear line of sight between the wireless sensors and the gateway module must be secured to connect to a host system. Technicians who have no previous experience with wireless systems can easily set up this system.

Low power consumption

This compact module draws just 0.3 watts of power.

Major target markets include plants of oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food, iron & steel, etc.; upstream oil and gas facilities for field development and production.

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