Yokogawa’s New Infrared Gas Analyzers to Help Curb the Rise in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the addition to the OpreX Analyzers lineup of a new generation of non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR) gas analyzers that flexibly meet a variety of mounting and operational Infrared Gas Analyzersneeds: the IR800G Rack Type Infrared Gas Analyzer, the IR810G Wall and Panel Mount Type Infrared Gas Analyzer, and the IR810S Explosion-protected model Infrared Gas Analyzer (wall mount).

With their capability to simultaneously and continuously measure the concentrations of NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4, and O2 with high levels of sensitivity, these new NDIR gas analyzers are expected to play an important role in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that can be directly attributed to global warming. The urgency of this task is underscored by the latest report from the United Nation's World Meteorological Organization, which found that the atmospheric levels of these greenhouse gases all reached new record highs in 2021.

The IR800G Rack Type Infrared Gas Analyzer and the IR810G Wall and Panel Mount Type Infrared Gas Analyzer are being released for sale on May 31, and the release of the IR810S Explosion-protected model Infrared Gas Analyzer is set for June 30.

Major features of new products include as follows;

Built-in active zero drift correction mechanism (IR800G/IR810G/IR810S)

For the analysis of many different gases, including those that have harmful effects, the ability to perform accurate measurements even at low concentrations is absolutely essential. With all IR800 series analyzers, an active zero drift correction mechanism is built in that is able to correct changes in the zero-point caused by factors, such as the built-up of dirt on the instrument. This is accomplished by alternately measuring a sample gas and a reference gas. Thanks to this function, maintenance needs to be performed less frequently, thereby saving time and effort, and reducing costs.

Explosion protection (IR810S)

The IR810S meets the industry standard IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 requirements and eliminates the need for placing the analyzer in the explosion-proof container that is typically used as part of an explosion-proof continuous monitoring system (CEMS). In addition to simplifying operations, this reduces costs.

Built-in automatic blowback and validation functions (IR800G/IR810G/IR810S)

Many facilities utilize automatic blowbacks to keep the sample path clear, and typically this requires a separate equipment installation. This function is now built into the IR800 series. Another newly added built-in feature is an automatic validation function. Previously requiring a separate equipment installation, this is a function that circulates the calibration gas to the analyzer and checks whether the value currently being measured is correct.


Major target markets include oil & gas, petrochemicals, steel, and electric power for measurement and analysis of combustion exhaust gases from refuse incinerators and boilers, or gases from various types of industrial furnaces.

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