ZEDEDA Edge Sync Brings Secure Edge Management to Disconnected Environments

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ZEDEDA, a supplier of edge management and orchestration solutions, has announced ZEDEDA Edge Sync, a secure edge management solution tailored for air-gapped environments and edge deployments that lack consistent cloud connectivity.

Secure Edge Management

Despite ongoing improvements in edge connectivity, many deployments must contend with networking challenges associated with highly distributed environments, ultra-secure systems, or unstable connections. The company’s Edge Sync solution addresses these challenges by enabling local edge node management while providing seamless integration with ZEDEDA’s platform.

For example, a location’s network connection may be interrupted for a period of time due to planned or unplanned downtime. To avoid service interruption during the outage, site operators can ensure that edge nodes are functioning properly and that necessary configuration changes are implemented while the outage continues.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync provides a reliable, low-risk path to the cloud for customers with intermittent connectivity and strict security requirements. The solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware components by running on standard systems and supports all levels of connectivity without compromising functionality.

The solution can accommodate even completely air-gapped deployments where devices never connect with the outside world once deployed. ZEDEDA Edge Sync allows monitoring and changes at a fleet level as long as the local edge nodes have access to the network the ZEDEDA Edge Sync service is on.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync is part of a growing number of ZEDEDA Edge Application Services, suite of services providing remote access, local access, inventory and configuration management, and Kubernetes management services tailored to the individual needs of each deployment and customer. The solution additionally provides a management and monitoring API that enables customers to build their own custom integrations, applications, and HMI interfaces on top of it.

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