One Global Chemical Company’s Digital Journey Using Seeq’s Self-Service Analytics

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By Janice Abel

Keywords: Seeq, Self-service Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Start-up Mindset, Enterprise Adoption, ARC Industry Forum, ARC Advisory Group.


A global chemical company’s Digital Office is successfully championing the company’s digital transformation using Seeq’s advanced self-service analytics combined with a modified hub and spoke organizational approach to improve process performance and optimize resources. At the 2023 ARC Industry Forum, the company discussed the team’s successful deployment of Seeq, the new organizational model, and some of the benefits gained by deploying advanced analytics across the enterprise. Some key learnings included: 

  • “Franchise” variant of the traditional hub and spoke model is an optimal organizational structure for the rapid rollout and retention of advanced analytics software. 

  • Access to self-service advanced analytics software provides a common analysis platform enabling teams to collaborate, build enthusiasm, solve problems, and make data-based decisions faster.

  • Deploying advanced analytics at the enterprise scale multiplies the potential return delivered by broadly applicable use cases.

  • Workforce upskilling happens naturally when analytics solutions offer user experiences catered to different skillsets. 

The Digital Office

The mission of the company’s Digital Office is to accelerate digital adoption, which includes the integration of data sources from three different organizations: business and manufacturing, IT and the Digital Office. Digital solutions implemented should have impactful, measurable benefits. Initially, the team identified ten different digital initiatives, one being self-service analytics. A team member from the company described its journey in the adoption of self-service advanced analytics, which enabled them to scale their data science resources and solve problems faster, to ARC Advisory Group for this report.

Startup Mindset

Because the company is very large and diverse, their Digital Office is being operated with a start-up mindset focused on having agility, visibility, confidence and a “do whatever it takes to get the job done even if it’s not in your job description” attitude. All initiatives needed to demonstrate measurable benefits to encourage enthusiastic adoption. The Digital Office team showed confidence in their initiatives by using self-service advanced analytics examples to build enthusiasm amongst the internal teams and collaborating with them for review, feedback, and adjustments.

Franchise Approach

Instead of sticking with a traditional hub and spoke model, the company used a franchise approach to deploy their self-service advanced analytics to accommodate regional variations, enable dissemination of best practices, and allow for an incremental bottoms-up rollout. “The company is building franchises for their analytic models and unique teams using this modern modified hub and spoke model to account for variations in the spokes,” according to the team member who presented at the ARC Forum. This allows the teams to use Seeq to optimize performance, consider "what if" scenarios, or to evaluate their current situation. 

Industrial Analytics

Deploying Self-Service Analytics from Pilot to Production

Although their Digital Office team began their advanced analytics implementation with smaller pilot projects implemented on multiple franchises, they always had the bigger picture in mind. The team obtained business stakeholder and executive buy-in to implement the analytics across multiple franchises early, giving them high-level support and visibility for an enterprise rollout upon successful completion of the pilot. “We did not want to get stuck in pilot purgatory, so the company not only thought about the big picture but moved very quickly through the deployment with an agile mindset, the right skills, the right tools, the right support and a focus on measuring success and creating value,” stated the team member. He added, “you have to think strategically about the entire enterprise to understand if an initiative is worth investing. The analytics opportunities are initiated by the individual organizations and the franchise owners rather than the Digital Office.” 


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