Autonomous Mobile Robot Market to See Meteoric Growth

New ARC Advisory Group research on the Autonomous Mobile Robots market is one of the fastest growing markets ARC has ever researched.

“The Autonomous Mobile Robots market is exploding. The technology has really come of age,” according to Steve Banker, Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group and key author of ARC’s Autonomous Mobile Robots Global Market Research report.

There are two types of autonomous mobile robots - those based on fleet management and systems that rely on picking optimization:

  • Fleet management solutions typically operate with bigger payloads and route the robots from an origin to a destination.
  • Pick optimization robots integrate the movement of machines and people in a process flow designed to increase picking throughput.  Pick optimization robots support picking to cartons and totes and consequently have a small payload.

“The pick optimization segment,” Dr. Banker said, “driven by the growth of e-commerce, is by far the faster growing segment.”

About the Autonomous Mobile Robots Research


Autonomous Mobile Robots Market TrendsThis is a very young market that ARC has covered from its inception.  This ARC research explores market performance and related technology and business trends, identifies leading technology suppliers, and provides five-year global forecasts for the autonomous mobile robots market.  This new research is based on ARC’s industry-leading market research database, extensive primary and secondary research, and proprietary economic modelling techniques.  The research includes competitive analysis, plus five-year market forecasts by type of robot, industry, vertical, payload, and revenue model (Robots as a Service vs. more traditional revenue segments).

This new research is available in a variety of formats to meet the specific research and budgetary requirements of a wide variety of organizations.  These include a:

  • Market Intelligence Workbook (Excel) - personalized spreadsheet and five-year market forecast.  This workbook enables licensed users to freely manipulate the data to make it easier to analyze the latest data for business intelligence and generate custom reports.
  • Concise Market Analysis Report (PDF) – provides an executive-level summary of the current market dynamics, market forecasts, and competitive analysis, plus an overview of strategic issues.  The PDF is available with or without detailed charts.

For more information on this and other available ARC market research, please visit our Market Data & Studies section.

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